Purchased from the family of the original owner!  From its condition it looks to have been used for a short period of time, and then taken off and put away. With the exception of the new crystal we installed during service, everything about this 1970’s watch is original and untouched, as when purchased new.

The stainless steel case measures 36.9mm across without the crown, and 42.13mm from lug to lug. You may notice that the crown sticks out a little bit; this is for quick setting the date. Pressing the crown in allows you to advance the date. The original finish dial is near prefect. The “shovel style” hands are original and the luminous does show aging.

The watch also features a rotating timing bezel with a near perfect Bakelite insert.  After purchasing the watch, we did a complete service of the movement. Disassembled the case and cleaned it, but did no refinishing whatsoever. We did replace the crystal with a correct, thick dive crystal. The very style that would have been on the watch originally. We also replaced the caseback gasket, but that’s it. Well, the last thing we did was to install a new sports strap in black leather with contrast  white stitching.

It shows minor signs of use, but those are very minor balanced with the fact that it’s all original.  The originality makes this a rare find. The original box just tops the whole thing off.