Waltham Ladies 14k Gold Scalloped Hunter

Item #13214

Waltham 14k Solid Gold Scalloped hunter case. Wonderful detail!
Please take a look at the pictures. They tell the story of this wonderful timepiece.

C-1884, this solid 14k gold hunter style pocketwatch is in outstanding condition. Barely used, this watch has spent most of its life carefully stored. It measures approximately 43.4 mm or 1.75″ across. All hinges, springs and covers work perfectly. The 8-size movement is signed “Wm. Ellery Waltham, Mass.”. It’s serial number (2.2m) puts the manufacture date at 1884. That’s 134 years old. And it still works as it should, and will keep good time.

Its wonderful detail and overall condition is what makes this one very special. It is obvious this was someone’s prized possession, mostly likely only used for special occasions.

The price includes full restoration and repair. The work will be performed after purchase. This entails proper service of the movement, a new mainspring, and anything else that would be necessary to bring the watch into proper working order.

Once you’ve made your purchase, please contact us so we may discuss the restoration.

Please allow 1-2 weeks after purchase for service to be completed.

Price $875

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