A full service has just been completed on this special late 1960’s Universal Polerouter Sub.  Prior to the service, this watch had been a part of my personal collection for the past 15 years. It features a seldom-seen blue bakelite bezel insert vs the typical black insert.  Other features include the micro-automatic Cal 1-69 movement with 28 jewels and an original finish 40mm asymmetrical stainless steel case.  It also features a Big Logo non-screw down crown.  The dial and hands retain their original finish and look great. I love the multi-colors and if you look closely at the dial logo you can see what I believe to be Neptune’s trident running through the U in “Sub”.

There are two additional aspects of this watch that make it even more special. The first is that the case has never been polished or refinished. During our service, it was ultrasonically cleaned only and the case back gasket was replaced.  The other is that it still retains the original signed Universal Gay Freres bracelet.  At some point in its life, one of the endpieces was replaced.  As you can see in the photo one is signed UB and the other is UM. They look the very same on top.  I only noticed the difference when I was taking the pictures. Also, the clasp had been very lightly refinished in the past.  The rest of the bracelet seems untouched. I believe a respectful refinishing would be the right look for the watch but that is a decision for the new owner. One last bit, the bracelet is huge – maybe 8 1/2” with the watch.  Most other examples have had links removed and run small by today’s standards.

Overall, the condition is consistent with that of a 50 plus-year-old original finish sports watch that has been used so it is not perfect.  That said, the condition is far better than many and this one is right!  Please see the pictures.