This Rolex 6282 is 68 years old but still features an original finish dial. Certainly has aged, but that aging has resulted in a beautiful, even patina. Typical for this period Rolex used plated hands so the finish breaks down over time. This watch shows that aging, but we think it just adds to its character and charm. The stainless steel case measures 34 mm without the crown and features a signed Rolex stainless steel crown.  The case also features a screw-on caseback and a smooth finish bezel.

A full service was just completed on this watch. The movement was completely disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned. Each area was correctly lubricated during reassembly. The watch was then regulated for optimal timekeeping. During service, the mainspring was replaced and a new crystal was installed. One last thing. We also disassembled the case and ultrasonically cleaned it. No polishing or refinishing was done so the watch finish is original. At 68 years old it has been used, but only shows normal usage. This is a fine example of a vintage Rolex wristwatch correctly serviced.