Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometer ref. #6564 Item #3037 

“Original Condition, Lots of Paperwork, Original Box”

Every Rolex is a special timepiece, but some are simply OUTSTANDING. This 1957 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometer is one of them!

This very rare, all original Oyster Perpetual Chronometer has all the character you hope to find in a vintage timepiece. The 34mm case is all stainless steel, and in remarkable condition. At 65 years old, many of these you’ll come across have a fair amount of wear, not the case with this watch! There are very little signs of use. Not perfect, but far better than you are likely to ever find. Plus there is all this original paperwork and original box. Even the Bracelet is original to the watch and in outstanding condition. Its date code is 3/57 and is Swiss made and fully signed Rolex. It will easily fit a 8” wrist. 

What really makes this watch is the beautiful original finish dial with Dauphine hands. The dial has aged to a very nice and even patina. Mostly likely it started its life as a offwhite/light cream color. The Dauphine hands looks great with their original luminous and the blued steel sweep seconds hand complete the look. 

The watch features Rolex’s caliber 1030 Chronometer movement with 25 jewels, marked adjusted to 5 positions and temperature. It comes fully (and correctly) serviced and is keeping very good time. Both the case and bracelet were ultrasonically cleaned during service. With service, we installed a new mainspring, and all new gaskets. This complete service would cost $800 in our shop.

Please spend a little time looking over the paperwork.

A “Swim Puf” tag from the 1950’s. I didn’t know they had them back then. Someone filled out the back with all the numbers matching the watch. 

The Chronometer Certificate. This is when they really meant something. Today you get a little card. Back then you received the results of a full test filled out by hand. They were really tested back then and you can see the results. 

There is other paperwork and all have matching reference and serial numbers. Pretty much a complete history of this watch. Lastly, the original box is also included with the watch.