This 1961 GMT, ref. #1675 is in outstanding vintage condition. It features Rolex’s in house, Chronometer Grade caliber 1560 movement with date and automatic winding. This one went to Rolex factory service back in the 1990’s. They replaced the dial, hands, bezel and bezel insert – all genuine Rolex!

The stainless steel case shows reasonable wear for its age. Just enough signs of its history that it’s not too “pretty” to wear. As with most collectors, we don’t mind signs of honest wear on a vintage watch. That’s what gives it the character we collectors like. But we are watchmakers and will do what we think is right. In this case it meant proper servicing. We can not sell a watch without servicing it and really don’t understand dealers who do.

That service included the entire watch. The movement has been completely disassembled and serviced, including a new mainspring. It is now running within Chronometer Spec. It winds and sets smoothly and the auto winding is working properly. The case was also disassembled and cleaned. During the reassembly, all gaskets were replaced, and a new crystal and casetube installed. The last thing we did is perform a water resistance test (both vacuum and pressure) to ensure the case is sealed. The watch passed and the printout will be included. For us, this needs to done before we feel right about selling it. Besides, why would you want to wear somebody else’s dirt? We call it removing DNA from its past owner and that is a good thing!

Now, take a look at the photos please. This watch comes with all its original paperwork and all numbers, both reference and serial. This is a Very Rare find. We added a vintage Rolex box to complete the package. It is not the original, but it is genuine Rolex and looks great with the watch.

You have to love the original “BIG” Chronometer Certificate. This was back when chronometer certification meant something. It’s hand written and shows the true performance of the watch at that time, some 62 years ago. Different power levels, different temperatures and different positions. These were far more strict than today’s testing.