A very collectible Hamilton Secometer PW manufactured in 1939. The all-original, fully signed case is 14K Yellow gold filled – just gorgeous with lots of detail! The inside case back is engraved Hamilton Watch Co., made by Wadsworth. The watch is powered by a signed Hamilton 912 17-jewel adjusted movement. It features a rarely seen digital seconds feature that Hamilton only produced on this one model.

Making this Secometer very special is that it was given to a Mr. R.W. Waddingham by his friends at the N.Y Edison Co. Odd that they waited 10 years, but hey, good things come to those who wait! We purchased this from his grandson and along with the watch he also gave us Mr. Waddingham’s obituary from the Brooklyn New York Eagle dated Sept. 29, 1949. We can email the file to the new owner of the watch.

The watch will come fully serviced with a new old stock glass crystal. During service, it will receive a fresh mainspring. Given the watch is over 80 years old its condition is outstanding. And everything about it is original, as when it was new.