Very cool Hamilton 992 Railroad Grade pocket watch with a TRUE Boxcar Dial.  The dial is porcelain, and double sunk. That means there are 3 pieces that make up the complete dial, very cool!

Housed in a Hamilton signed, 10K Gold Filled Railroad case with some nice detailing around the bezel and case back. The case is in great condition and only very minor signs of use. Really an outstanding condition given its age.

The watch features Hamilton’s second-generation caliber 992 movement with 21 jewels.  It is marked “Adjusted to 5 Positions” and features a rose gold center wheel, and rose gold jewel settings, rose gold timing screws, and some wonderful striped damasking on the plates.

The photos below are of the watch in its current, unrestored state. No polishing or refinishing has been done.

The price includes full restoration and repair. The work will be performed after purchase. This entails proper service of the movement, a new mainspring, and anything else that would be necessary to bring the watch into proper working order. Case cleaning and refinishing are also included. The extent of case refinishing, if any will be left up to the new owner.

Once you’ve made your purchase, please contact us so we may discuss the restoration.

Please allow 1-2 weeks after purchase for service to be completed.

Our goal is to achieve what we refer to as “Sympathetic Restoration”; in other words, bringing the watch back as close as possible to its original appearance without the need to remove all signs of its former life. We don’t want to dramatically change its history.

During the restoration, we only use period-correct parts, and in most cases, genuine factory parts from the same time period as the watch.