This 104 year old 16s pocketwatch was the best American Watchmaking had to offer. Beautifully decorated “Bar” movement featuring 23 gold-set jewels, adjusted 5 positions and solid gold train wheels. Please keep in mind when looking at the pictures that this watch sat in a collection for maybe the past 30 or 40 years. The nickel plates and bridges have discolored, much like patina from aging. During service this will all come off and we will be left with a bright nickel finish. The dial is doubled sunk with blued steel dress matching hands. The 20 Year GF case is a simple design with screw on/off bezel and back and the crystal is bevelled glass. Overall the watch is in very good condition. I think outstanding given its age.

This would be considered a dress watch due to its pendent setting. Unlike railroad watches at the time which were lever set this watch would been a dress watch for someone who has done very well. Much easier to pull up the crown to set the time than unscrew a bezel.